Blooming Kaleidoscope: A Floral Wall Mural Symphony of Color

Sale price$299.00 USD
Size: W: 35.43in x H: 106.3in


Immerse yourself in a floral paradise with our vibrant wall mural. Each brushstroke brings to life a kaleidoscope of flowers in a myriad of colors, evoking the beauty of a blossoming garden. Transform your space into a botanical masterpiece with this stunning mural.

W: 35.43in x H: 106.3in is W: 90cm x H: 270cm.
W: 62.99in x H: 43.31in is W: 160cm x H: 110cm.
W:88.58in x H:106.3in is W:225cm X H:270cm
W:118.11in x H:106.3in is W:300cm X H:270cm


  • Self adhesive glue
  • Non- woven
  • Digital print