Essence of the Elephant Wall Mural

Sale price$299.00 USD
Size: W: 62.99in x H: 43.31in


Discover the majestic presence of nature with our "Gentle Giant" wall mural, a striking depiction of an elephant in stunning detail. This wall mural brings the spirit of the wild into your space with a powerful, close-up portrait of an elephant, showcasing its wise eyes and impressive tusks. Set against a dark, moody background that highlights every wrinkle and texture, this piece creates a captivating ambiance in any room. Ideal for those who wish to add a touch of wildlife grandeur and a sense of ancient wisdom to their home or office. Embrace the call of the wild and let this mural be a bold statement in your décor collection.


W: 35.43in x H: 106.3in is W: 90cm x H: 270cm.
W: 62.99in x H: 43.31in is W: 160cm x H: 110cm.
W:88.58in x H:106.3in is W:225cm X H:270cm
W:118.11in x H:106.3in is W:300cm X H:270cm


  • Self adhesive glue
  • Non- woven
  • Digital print