Golden Blue Elegance: Flowing Abstract Wall Mural

Sale price$299.00 USD
Size: W: 35.43in x H: 106.3in


Indulge in the mesmerizing allure of our Liquid Gold and Blue Wall Mural. This captivating masterpiece features a flowing blend of radiant gold and soothing blue, gracefully cascading in intricate shapes across the canvas. Reminiscent of molten metal and swirling water, this mural evokes a sense of fluidity and movement, as if someone has delicately poured gold and blue paint onto the surface. Elevate your space with the luxurious elegance of our Liquid Gold and Blue Wall Mural, where every brushstroke captures the essence of artistic expression and modern sophistication.

W: 35.43in x H: 106.3in is W: 90cm x H: 270cm.
W: 62.99in x H: 43.31in is W: 160cm x H: 110cm.
W:88.58in x H:106.3in is W:225cm X H:270cm
W:118.11in x H:106.3in is W:300cm X H:270cm


  • Self adhesive glue
  • Non- woven
  • Digital print