Tranquil Arboretum: Green Garden Wall Mural

Sale price$299.00 USD
Size: W: 62.99in x H: 43.31in


Escape into a lush sanctuary with our Green Garden Wall Mural. This enchanting mural invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, offering a panoramic view of a verdant garden teeming with life. Tall trees stretch their branches towards the sky, providing shade and shelter, while an array of plants and flowers add vibrant splashes of color to the landscape. Let the gentle rustle of leaves and the sweet fragrance of blossoms transport you to a tranquil oasis of greenery. Transform your space into a serene retreat with our Green Garden Wall Mural and bask in the rejuvenating ambiance of nature's embrace.

W: 62.99in x H: 43.31in is W: 160cm x H: 110cm.


  • Self adhesive glue
  • Non- woven
  • Digital print